The Flagship - Nushama Wellness Center

On Madison Avenue

At Nushama, our goal is to inspire you to transform your life and to provide a sanctuary to support you as you embark on your mental health journey.

We built our wellness center with this in mind, weaving nature and art into every room to evoke a childlike sense of wonder, and help foster a deeper connection to the healing power within all of us.

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Our flagship center is conveniently located at 53rd Street and Madison Avenue. The building entrance is next to the E/M subway entrance and near the 6 train.

Parking: Paid parking is available in close proximity at various lots. Two parking garages can be found on 54th Street between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue.

Nushama lobby

Enter Nushama, and an immersive, journey-like experience begins. Inspired by how an altered state of consciousness can look and feel, Alexandra Hayden of Octave Studio curates a psychedelic-inspired setting for preparation and integration therapy.

There are 18 rooms in all, each named after psychedelic legends. Jessica Lichtenstein NFTs and Navina Khatib therapeutic art invoke new beginnings and the beauty of a journey. SVAGO zero-gravity chairs and relaxation Moon Pods foster a calming, nurturing environment.